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Economy and Business: Interview with the Founding Partners of Ayscom – Federico Hornillos and Pedro Martín 

Illusion, motivation and professional courage to achieve success

It was 2003 when Ayscom began to take shape in a garage. Although it may sound like a cliché, it is the reality of our company founded by Federico Hornillos and Pedro Martín who, after 12 years of existence, already has more than 50 professionals on staff.

What was the recipe for success?

Since birth we have had a continuous growth at all times by the value contributed. Along this slow path, we have kept in touch with the spirit of motivation and enthusiasm with which we were born and, in addition, we have managed to surround ourselves with the most valuable human team. These right decisions and attitude have allowed Ayscom to become a successful company that has not suffered the impact of the general recession of recent years.

Involvement, commitment and passion are values that undoubtedly define and differentiate us. For these reasons, our horizontese is full of exciting projects. With offices in Madrid and Lisbon, Ayscom has established itself as a benchmark company in monitoring and analysis of reference in monitoring and analysis of telecommunications networks with capacity to work worldwide.

“We help our customers achieve their business objectives by monitoring their networks, applications and services.”

Having adequate solutions to perform the analysis and monitoring of communications networks is obviously essential for telecommunication service providers, but also for companies and large corporations whose businesses depend absolutely on their IT infrastructures. Large companies do not hesitate to count on this type of solutions because they improve the performance of their operations (reducing CAPEX and OPEX) ensuring business continuity and raising the quality perceived by users.


In order to better understand the importance for companies of having effective analysis and monitoring solutions for communications networks, what impact can having them have on a company?

Seeing the inefficiencies in attempting to solve performance problems by increasing CAPEX on large telcos, we decided to create Ayscom with the intention of becoming the preferred supplier for telecom operators and companies. We quickly gained recognition from the leading operators who saw how, with our tools and support, they gained the control and visibility that enabled them to guarantee performance, react quickly to incidents and locate the root cause of the incidents and their extent. On the other hand, the problem that customers who had acquired and implemented test and measurement solutions often encountered was that users/customers did not take advantage of these solutions, using them in a limited way and ultimately falling into disuse with the consequent loss of investment. We are therefore well aware that the impact on companies is very strong, both when they are lacking and when they are not properly exploited.

What exactly does Ayscom bring to the world of analysis and monitoring?

Working effectively on this network analysis and monitoring significantly reduces IT costs for companies. As mentioned above, this monitoring is obviously basic for telecommunication service providers, but it is also critical for companies whose business is supported by IT infrastructures (today we can say that the totality), and allows us to know in detail the behavior of their networks. Delegating these complex functions to a specialized company like ours frees the company in question and allows it to focus on its core business, otherwise it would have to devote a lot of effort and resources.

In what phases of the network lifecycle do they work?

Aware of our customers’ needs, we have been adapting our catalogue of solutions and services to all the phases that a communications network goes through: from planning and design of the IT structure to optimisation, starting up, deploying, operating and measuring the satisfaction of the solution implemented. The aim of these solutions is to achieve satisfied users throughout the entire network lifecycle at the lowest cost.

What are the different services offered to your customers?

Although we have evolved, from the beginning we have focused on differentiating ourselves and achieving a leading position in the sector to help improve and optimize IT communications networks. On the one hand, we are the commercial platform and preferred local support of the main manufacturers who want to start operations in Spain that are directed to us, often recommended by our customers.

Thus we have achieved a large portfolio of partners; the best for each area of activity (Ixia, Ascom, Netscout, Polystar, FlukeNetworks, Keysight, etc.). On the other hand, and in order to support these commercial solutions, we also offer services that we consider essential, such as training to facilitate the adoption of these solutions, a consulting service at the customer’s own facilities and remote assistance service. The latter is offered through our own centre, the Remote Monitoring Operation Center (RMOC), which frees customers from maintenance of these solutions by leaving it in the hands of experts.

However, and in line with what they have said to me, I understand that they are also capable of developing tailor-made solutions…

That is so, in those cases where market solutions are not adapted to the customer’s needs, we develop our own technology by customizing it 100% to give an effective response.

Looking to the future, what challenges will they face?

Our challenges are to make innovative proposals based on our own products that have emerged from our strong research work in the field of mobile communications. In this direction, at Mobile World Congress this year we have presented our very innovative solutions such as ZIMA, (the new software that has the ability to monitor the quality of service provided to end customers by mobile operators) and also, having been recently certified by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness as an innovative company.

We must bear in mind that Spain is a country with great potential in this sector. We have great engineers and computer scientists who are highly valued outside our borders. We must be able to make the most of our qualities.