Ayscom, the new partner company of AMETIC

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Since September 1st, AYSCOM has been part of AMETIC as a partner company.

What is AMETIC?

AMETIC is the Association of Electronics, Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Digital Contents Companies, and leads, nationally, the business interests of a hyper-sector as diverse as dynamic, the most innovative – it concentrates 30% of private investment in R&D – and the one with the greatest growth capacity of the Spanish economy.

What is Ayscom’s current position in AMETIC?

Within AMETIC, Ayscom is classified in the IT sector. This area promotes the demand for information technology solutions by all sectors of activity in our country – from specific measures in the public, private and consumer sectors as a facilitator of its activity and enhancer of competitiveness.

In accordance with the activities in which AYSCOM is present on the market, it participates within AMETIC in the following working committees:

  • Software
  • IT Services and Consulting
  • Technological equipment solutions
  • Cloud computing

In addition, the different departments of AYSCOM, play an important role by attending and participating in innovative working groups (Security and trust, Smart cities Industry 4.0, Internationalization, SMEs, etc.) where they actively participate based on their knowledge and experience in the ICT sector, thus promoting the sharing of information with other partners.

During the month of September, we have already attended different conferences organized by AMETIC such as:

  • 20 September – Industry Committee 4.0
  • September 27 – Smart Cities Commission Meeting
  • September 29 – 5G Communications Day: Challenges and opportunities in key sectors

We are very excited to be part of AMETIC and for this reason we promise that we will soon communicate all future days where we will be present and also interesting news.