How to quickly analyze network performance?

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Omnipeek: Best-in-class software for network analytics and performance diagnostics, with advanced capabilities for security investigations. Request more information at Ayscom.

Omnipeek is more than an impressive collection of packet analysis, stats, and visualizations. With the best network analysis workflow in the industry, Omnipeek makes it easy to drill down, look across, compare, discover, and and ultimately reduce your mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR). Omnipeek empowers engineers with rapid-fire analytics and insights so they can make the best decisions, quickly, about their network’s speed, application performance, and security.

Savvius‘ flagship network analyzer software available from Ayscom facilitates network analysis for small businesses and corporate workgroups, as well as the connection between analysis devices and Omni Compliance network recorder.

Products Add-Ons:

Capture Engine: Capture Engine for Omnipeek captures and analyzes network traffic in real time and records that traffic for post-capture analysis. With Capture Engine for Omnipeek, network engineers can monitor distributed networks remotely and quickly identify and remedy performance bottlenecks without leaving the office.

Omnipeek Remote Assistant: By using Omnipeek Remote Assistant (ORA) throughout a support organization and its user base, an organization ensures that any user anywhere can capture network data for troubleshooting. Engineers no longer have to travel to a user’s location simply to capture network data for troubleshooting.

WiFi Adapter: The Savvius WiFi Adapter for Omnipeek is a USB-connected WLAN device designed for wireless packet captures. Certified for use with Omnipeek and Capture Engine for Omnipeek, it is available in 2-stream 802.11ac.

Which version of Savvius Omnipeek is right for you? Describe your situation and we will help you find the best solution to optimize your network speed, application performance and security.


Source: Savvius, Omnipeek