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Solver a Polystar high performance solution for load generation, stress and feature testing for fixed and mobile NGN networks, including LTE.

Solver is a high-performance load generation, stress and feature testing solution for legacy and NGN fixed and mobile networks, including LTE.

Solver offers powerful, multi-protocol functionality and helps ensure smooth deployment and troubleshooting for networks. Proven in multiple deployments, it has won awards for its ease of use and advanced functionality.

By simulating traffic from the Radio Access Network (RAN) it helps CSPs and network equipment manufacturers to simplify performance analysis, assert full control over their networks, manage upgrade projects and confirm compatibility between equipment from different vendors.

Solver makes a vital contribution to the performance of your business. the flexible solution for independent test and verification of systems and networks offers high performance, scalability and the means to automate the testing of complex scenarios.

  •  Generate and receive calls including control signalling and user data (payload)
  •  Provide fine-grain control over call set-up rates and parameters
  •  Emulate RAN – Core Network communication procedures
  •  Display call activity and completion statistics such as set-ups, releases and active calls
  •  Generate heavy traffic load towards the Core Network
  •  Display RAN statistics
  •  Stress and feature testing of PSTN, 2G, 2.5G, 3G, LTE and SIP networks
  •  Full RAN simulation for GSM, UMTS, LTE and VoLTE networks
Simulate multiple radio technologies and variable traffic patterns

Solver can simulate multiple radio technologies and generate high traffic volumes for flexible load testing. This dramatically simplifies qualitative performance analysis for equipment manufacturers, CSPs and enterprises. A wide range of traffic patterns can be created to run simultaneously or in sequence in order to simulate real world call traffic patterns. The flexibility allows anything from basic call scenarios to full load testing to be performed.

Accelerate network deployments and service enhancement

Solver is a simple, user-friendly tool that considerably reduces troubleshooting effort and time. The combination of LTE and legacy network technology into a single, convenient package means that operators can considerably simplify their test equipment needs, as well as dramatically reduce costs.

One platform provides the versatility required for a multitude of tasks, increasing return on investment. For example, fully integrated SRVCC test capabilities ensure a smooth migration to VoLTE.

At Ayscom as a Polystar partner, we offer these solutions and more to optimize and improve the quality of network service. Contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need.

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