Santa Claus magic reaches Ayscom

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Ayscom surprises Santa Claus with the younger generation of Ayscominians.

The afternoon falls and the spirit of work in the office changes, the children begin to arrive and you think: the relief at Ayscom is guaranteed.

The little ones of the big family that is today the company, invade each space with their shy smiles, their complicit silences and the mischief sketched in their eyes. What no one expects is that Santa Claus will visit them, along with his helpers, to dedicate an afternoon of many smiles, gifts and surprises for everyone.

PEQUES AYSCON-2017Since last year, Ayscom has been giving their children a special opportunity to visit the place where their parents spend most of their day. Knowing what they do, where they work and the colleagues with whom they share, it becomes a special moment for each of them.

Fiestas navideñas en AyscomChristmas has many memories, it’s time for surprises, Christmas carols, to be with family and friends, good wishes and fun.

Niños y payasosTherefore, from  Ayscom we wish you a Happy New Year, hoping that 2018 will be a new stage in which there will surely be many more novelties and in which we will definitely grow together.