Reduces fiber network installation times

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Two ways to reduce installation and testing time for fiber networks.

As more fiber networks are planned for deployment, providers are seeking ways to make fiber installation and maintenance more effective and efficient. In our experience, most fiber test times for installation and/or certification can be reduced by 50% when you focus on automation and streamlining workflow.

Why are fiber tests so time-consuming?

The standard set of fiber certification tests usually includes Insertion Loss (IL), Optical Return Loss (ORL), distance, and OTDR characterization. To get an accurate birth certificate for a fiber these tests should be performed from both ends of the fiber. Often the measurement capabilities you need are spread across more than one test set; and even if you find a tester with all the features you need, the measurements are often implemented via separate test ports. This means that at some point, you are going to have to move the fiber under test from one device or port to another. In turn, this adds extra inspection and cleaning cycles. For a single fiber, the extra time may not seem like much, but multiply that by an entire bundle and minutes can become hours.

"FiberComplete test interface"

So how can you save time?

From Ayscom we sell Viavi’s solutions, world leader in enabling services, networks, products and optical security and performance solutions. From his experience, Viavi understands very well the challenge of doing fiber tests quickly and without complications. That’s why it has focused its solutions on two key areas to save a lot of time: workflow and automation.

The outcome of this development is FiberComplete—a fully automated, bi-directional, handheld test solution. In a single, lightweight module FiberComplete tests:

  • Bi-directional Insertion Loss (IL)
  • Bi-directional Optical Return Loss (ORL)
  • Distance
  • Bi-directional OTDR characterization
  • Fault finder

"FiberComplete fiber diagnostics"Advantages, in terms of time, of FiberComplete:

  • Tests are conducted through a single port.
  • The instruments (T-BERD / MTS-2000 or new 4000 V2) at each end communicate with each other via a second fiber, cloud, Ethernet, WiFi or mobile access point.
  • No additional technology input is required to manually initiate each test phase.
  • Direct report generation.

With FiberComplete, you can reduce the time, cost and hassle of testing with multiple devices. Managing and obtaining multiple accurate and complete reports.

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