Panopto, considered an ideal solution for education

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This month in Ifema, Madrid, the 12th edition of Simo Educación was being held, where they presented the latest technological innovations for the education sector by different Spanish and foreign companies.

Among the participating companies, Ayscom was also present with a stand presenting Panopto, the innovative video content management platform.

simo educacion-ayscom

But why have we decided to give so much importance to Panopto and present it at Simo Education 2016?

It’s simple, because it’s a simple, efficient and resource-saving video content management platform. It allows the recording of classes and conferences from any mobile device, with 3 cameras at the same time. The videos are stored in a library of their own, sorted by subject, course or other type. You can also make webcasts in real time and interact with students/employees.

It is excellent not only for massive online courses or inverted classes, but also for laboratory demonstrations, hands-on or online practical classes, recording and broadcast of live or delayed conferences/events, etc.

Bearing in mind that the platform is CREATED BY EDUCATORS FOR EDUCATORS, the main objective of this platform is to facilitate the management of education for teachers and students. That’s why it has the ability to search by written or spoken words in videos. So there is no need to be an SEO expert to choose the right keywords.

And the most interesting thing of all is its great flexibility and control. Very detailed statistics can be obtained from each of the videos. Panopto goes beyond the total number of visits of each video.

The truth is that we were delighted to see how the smiles and brightness appeared in the eyes of all visitors who visited our stand and saw how Panopto works. The phrase we have heard so many times: I LOVE IT, THIS THING IS INCREDIBLE! YOU HAVE EVERYTHING IN AYSCOM! motivates us to continue improving and offering the best solutions.