New successful case with Ekahau in Riu Hotel


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The Majorcan hotel chain Riu Hotels & Resorts continues its feat in expanding its infrastructures. This time he has done it in the center of the Spanish capital, again with Ekahau’s tool.

In August 2019, it opened its first urban hotel in the capital, after years of searching for a suitable location. The chosen location has been the busy ‘Plaza de España’, specifically in the emblematic ‘Edificio España’, abandoned for more than 10 years.

Riu Group, after the remodeling, has maintained the essence of the original property. They have managed to carry out an architectural project that respects the history of the building since its public opening in 1953. This essence is also maintained with the good interior design work carried out in the establishment, merging the historical elements that still remained in it.

Despite maintaining the character of the 50s, the hotel concentrates the hallmark of the chain, since its facilities maintain both the line of comfort that characterizes the group, as well as the wide range of possibilities within its rooms.
This is where it should be noted that Riu Hotels & Resorts continues to prioritize the importance of its Wi-Fi network. We talk about a network that meets the needs of all its guests throughout its surface.

In a hotel of this size, with 585 rooms, 17 meeting rooms, a gym, a heated pool, a spacious lobby and two sky bars, spread over 28 floors, the planning of the Wi-Fi network installation should not be taken lightly.

For this reason, the network team of the chain has trusted and has continued to rely on the Ekahau Pro tool for more than seven years. With it they ensure their reputation, since the quality of the Wi-Fi is unbeatable and the connection is guaranteed at all points from the hotel, thus ensuring the comfort of guests and all those who make use of its conference rooms.

Why do they use the Ekahau Pro tool and why do they keep their trust in it?

The project had specific needs, one of which was to cover the entire space with a quality Wi-Fi network accessible free of charge for all customers / users.
The planning was carried out by the Riu Plaza España Wifi Networks team. It started in June 2018 and the requirements defined a priori were:
  • Signal strength: ≥ – 65 dBm
  • SNR: ≥20dB
  • Data rate: ≥ 12Mbps
  • Number of access points: 2, AP1 -65dBm, AP2 -70dBm
  • Channel overlap: max 2 Aps ≤ -85dBm
With the use of Ekahau tools, this deployment was done quickly, easily and without losing quality.
After a validation survey carried out in April 2019, it was determined that the results were optimal and in accordance with the Riu Hotels & Resorts standard.

As indicated in previous paragraphs, this is not the first time that the Riu Group has used the Ekahau tool, as it is approved by the company for Wifi projects, since it turns out to be a very complete software that offers excellent results.
In addition to the degree of satisfaction shown by the hotel group, it continues to expand its knowledge. They already have 10 certified engineers in this tool thanks to the courses given periodically at Ayscom, Ekahau’s Gold Reseller Partner for more than 10 years.
Ayscom organizes and coordinates Official ECSE Certification courses in Spain, Andorra and Portugal so that all our clients get the most out of using this tool and make use of its differential value in the development of their future projects.
From Ayscom, we want to convey our gratitude to Riu Hotels & Resort for trusting us once again, both for the acquisition of licenses and for the official ECSE certification training.
If you want more information about Ekahau tools, do not hesitate to contact us. At Ayscom we are pleased to help you.