Innovation behind professional services

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In Ayscom’s Professional Services Department, our clients will find a multidisciplinary team capable of leveraging Ayscom’s business solutions and creating new solutions.

In recent years, many companies have encouraged the existence of multidisciplinary groups capable of exploiting, developing and innovating intelligent solutions, both for their customers and for the company’s own growth. In this regard, it is essential to have a human team with the interest and capacity to carry out tasks of optimization, generation of new solutions and products, capable of satisfying the internal needs of the company, its customers and the (more and more growing) technological market.

Ayscom, as an innovative SME, has a department dedicated to professional services. José Alberto Rodríguez, head of this department, comments that the group began its journey associated with international brands related to supervision, monitoring, CEM, big data, analytics and network quality. These solutions have been marketed at Ayscom for over 10 years.

During this time, Ayscom’s Professional Services Department has made its human capital available to clients so that each monitoring system implemented is correctly configured, capable of adapting to changes in the network and, moreover, taking full advantage of the results.

Servicios ProfesionalesIn recent years we have seen how the monitoring systems with which we work have been adapting to the constant technological changes, both within operator networks and corporate networks of companies in their digitization processes. At the same time, our professional services team, which manages, operates, maintains and operates these systems, has also been able to adapt to the evolutionary challenges imposed by the market «, explains J. Alberto Rodríguez.

The group, which started off with a focus on consulting, in charge of monitoring network traffic, today has grown and carries out multiple professional services. An example of this growth is that this group has made a strong commitment to R&D&I (Research, Development and Innovation), bearing in mind that this has become an essential key to the survival and competitiveness of companies.

Although the department primarily performs operational projects and services,»says J. Alberto Rodríguez,» we realized that there were untapped areas in which we could create and deliver greater value. We understood that we needed a development team capable of devising new and interesting proposals for the technology market. That’s how the Ayscom development group came into being.»

Currently, around 10 people are working on development, customizing solutions, integrating different platforms through their interfaces, automating processes or creating zero solutions. That is, satisfying the most specific needs of the client.

In addition, some of them carry out research work on cutting-edge technologies, applying them with innovation to new products and existing ones on the market. From this initiative, a case of Ayscom’s particular success story emerged: ZIMA. This would be one of the most complete products developed so far by the R&D&I department.

What started out as just a monitoring or consulting group, today it can offer, beyond the services, integral solutions adapted to the clients and automations for their testing and assurance processes.

Therefore, those interested in the work of Ayscom’s Professional Services Department will find two areas: one for consultants and the other for development.

J. Alberto Rodríguez sums it up as:»a department formed by professionals with extensive experience in networks, services and applications capable of making the most of monitoring, supervision, testing and measurement systems, either through commercial products or own developments. The hallmark of our staff is the passion and motivation for everything we do.

Undoubtedly, this passion coupled with the constant training of human capital are the ingredients behind success and why, increasingly, companies rely on Ayscom’s professional services team.


Interview with José Alberto Rodríguez, head of Ayscom’s Professional Services Department.