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Ensure the smooth running of your network with Jupiter, a solution from Ayscom’s Polystar partner.

The telecommunications industry has a growing need for the instant analysis of large amounts of complex data. This data comes from increasingly complex networks, including 4G, VoLTE, IMS, 3G and more. Real-time information feeds from different sources also generate a mass of data to process.


Jupiter, a Polystar product, enables the visualisation of this flood of data. It gives you the complete perspective of your network assets. With Jupiter it is easy to resolve problems that impact customers, ensuring the smooth operation of your network.

Jupiter provides the rich, detailed information engineering and operations teams need to identify and resolve network problems. The information presented is based on real-time data, while deep drill-down capabilities are available to perform root-cause analysis.

The jupiter advantage

Jupiter generates network intelligence information and puts it at your fingertips. Raw network data is collected via OSIX real-time probes. This is combined with reference data from third-party sources to provide detailed information — from high-level network overviews down to ‘bits and bytes’ data analysis.

Using Jupiter, you will improve organisational efficiency, save time and reduce costs. Jupiter will enable you to quickly obtain an overview and to understand where issues are to be found. Having identified issues of concern, it’s simply a matter of using Jupiter’s extensive drill-down capabilities to isolate and resolve root causes. Jupiter supports all network technologies, enabling a comprehensive view across 2G, 3G, 4G, IMS and VoLTE networks.

Key jupiter features:

  1. Rich network and service performance metrics via historical and trend-based reporting
  2. Powerful applications designed to improve efficiency and support the operational workflow, from KPI and KQI overviews to root-cause analysis
  3. 360° view of performance data including VIP customer/group view, device/handset view, network/cell view and more
  4. Personalised reports and dashboards
  5. Drill-down to the root cause of a problem for fault isolation and troubleshooting service- or customer-related problems


Jupiter provides instant access to a wealth of data. Sophisticated and detailed reports are presented via a clear, graphical interface that users can adapt to meet their needs. With Jupiter, users can see the big picture or focus on the smallest detail. It’s a powerful tool that enables engineering and operational teams to enhance efficiency and accelerate decision making.

In Ayscom we know and work with these and many other solutions that not only ensure the proper functioning of the network but also allow us to obtain a detailed approach of all the processes that take place within it.


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