Why take the Ekahau ECSE Troubleshooting course?


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One more year Ayscom provides the opportunity to follow one of the most comprehensive courses in wireless LAN troubleshooting, the new ECSE Troubleshooting.

This year 2020, the course will be held from September 28 to October 1.

As always, we do it hand in hand with Ekahau, of which we have been a Gold Reseller Partner for more than 10 years.

In this article we explain how you can become one of the Ekahau ECSE Troubleshooting certified engineers. You will be part of the unique circle of professionals who can demonstrate their differential value in each project.


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What does the course consist of?

ECSE Troubleshooting is an exclusive course that provides the participant with an official certification issued by Ekahau as «Ekahau ECSE Troubleshooting Wifi Engineer».

This is a unique wireless LAN troubleshooting training, using various tools and techniques to find the right solution. So we can say that it is the appropriate course for Wifi field technicians, after sales, support, engineering, etc.

It should be noted that ECSE Troubleshooting is a great novelty in Spain and Portugal, with the first edition taking place in Madrid in 2020. Therefore, the content is adapted to the most current reality.


Course methodology

The course is taught over 4 days in person and intensively. In this way, it is intended to ensure that the students who attend the course, mostly active professionals, can complete their training in the most productive way possible.

The course has limited space available. The groups are small to offer greater teacher-student communication and vice versa.

The learning methodology is adapted and personalized to attendees, focusing it on their business, thanks to the knowledge and experience of the professionals who teach these courses.

The training is provided by Professor Ferney Muñoz, an experienced and recognized Wifi professional worldwide, who makes it possible to take advantage of this course thanks to his ability to communicate and transmit his knowledge. The subject is taught in Spanish.




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What are you going to learn in this Ekahau ECSE Troubleshooting course?

You will have the ability to review potential business wireless LAN problems, as well as standard network troubleshooting processes, using various tools as well as techniques to identify and resolve these problems.

You will be able to acquire basic knowledge and vocabulary, covering the fundamentals of RF, 802.11, as well as knowing how Wifi communication works from the perspective of a client device

The methodology used will consist of 6 standard WLAN network troubleshooting processes, using various tools and techniques at each stage, to identify and resolve problems:

guion Research

guion Measurement

guion Validation

guion Spectrum analysis

guion Capturing packets

guion Systems management

Hands-on labs will be held with free tools, low-cost tools, and professional tools.



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Student requirements

guion Computer with Windows 10, 8, or 7 (64bit) or MacOS 10.11 or higher system

guion 1.5 + GHz processor, multi-core, recommended

guion 8GB RAM, 16GB + RAM memory, recommended

guion 1GB hard drive

Background Knowledge: A solid understanding of the OSI model, network protocols, and network traffic flows is recommended.


Other advantages of the course

Important companies worldwide choose Ekahau because it is a recognized brand due to its experience on the main fundamentals of RF and Wifi. This can be applied to your WLAN projects as a form of investment protection, which makes this technology more used every day.

This course is presented as an opportunity to develop networking since valuable contacts can be generated thanks to the concept of a small group of professionals in the sector, with shared interests, gathered in a classroom where they share time and experiences around Wifi.

Another reason that adds value to this course is the lack of similar studies. In Spain it is very rare to have access to any type of Wifi training with these characteristics.

In short, this course is presented as an opportunity for those professionals who already have a proven career and experience in the world of WLANs, and who intend to improve their qualifications and high-level knowledge.


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Most attendees recommend it

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