Real time RAN monitoring


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RAN performance is important to ensure an optimized user experience.

The RAN is the first line of mobile connectivity.  If there is a problem, it can have an immediate and noticeable impact on users. That’s why real time monitoring of the RAN is becoming increasingly important, as users become more demanding every day and enthusiastically consume services with optimized performance requirements.

Monitoring in the RAN has been an expensive and time-consuming business, often requiring the field deployment of test drive solutions. However, by leveraging network OSS data generated by systems deployed at the edge of the network, CSPs can collect network data in real time and cost-effectively and efficiently on RAN performance.

Obtain an end to end view of service delivery and customer experience

In Ayscom we work with Polystar monitoring solutions, leader in network optimization and security. Polystar’s RAN monitoring solutions provide an end to end view of service delivery and the customer experience.

"Real time ran monitoring"

Leveraging network OSS data for RAN monitoring helps teams identify problems faster and speed up troubleshooting, minimizing service and customer disruptions. The introduction of RAN monitoring capabilities into the Polystar portfolio brings new statistical RAN KPIs to the same platforms as existing basic tracking data. This allows users on all computers in the organization to obtain details of RAN performance and assess RAN status, ensuring smooth service delivery for subscribers and partners.

Benefits of RAN monitoring solutions

  • Accelerate troubleshooting with deep visibility into the RAN, enabling correlation with data from network probes and other domains.
  • Identify where problems have occurred and assign the right resources and equipment to solve them.
  • Overseeing the delivery of services from the RAN to the core and vice versa, providing complete knowledge from start to finish.
  • Guarantee the quality of the user experience.

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