PROCERA, the leader in customer and network intelligence: new partner of AYSCOM

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Ayscom, a specialist in the supply of test and monitoring solutions in Spain and Portugal, has signed a collaboration agreement with Procera, a leader in customer intelligence and network, to represent the entire range of products of the brand with special attention to its customers.

focus on eVolution, which will help differentiate your data analysis solutions offering with a fully virtualized platform.

Operators are looking for the best virtual analysis solutions to carry out their Big Data projects,»says Federico Hornillos, director of Ayscom. «eVolution will enable Ayscom to provide the context and intelligence of network and customer to our client operators and Enterprise.»

The eVolution solution uses PacketLogic technology and acts as a collection engine for the network and client context. eVolution works as a VNF block on commercial hardware (COTS) and standard hypervisors. Deployed in passive mode over the network, eVolution inspects all traffic and sends the information to Big Data systems using IPFix. It is also possible to store the information in your Insight database where it can then be exported via ODBC.

According to Jon Grady, Director of Business Development at Procera,»Big Data and Network Analytics solutions require a high level of expertise and professional services to integrate into operator architectures and large corporations. Ayscom is the ideal partner because it provides its customers with high-value solutions and can integrate the Procera catalogue into its offer «.

Since its creation in 2002, Procera Networks has become a market-leading provider. The continuous development of award-winning products (such as eVolution or ScoreCard) and the benefits of its award-winning data inspection, traffic management and control policy solutions enable Procera to address the complex environment of ever-changing operators and the future virtualization we are addressing.

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