Network monitoring solutions in the IoT era

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Our partner Polystar offers a world-class end-to-end iot monitoring solution for mobile operators that gives you the insights needed to deliver iot services at the right quality, consistently and cost effectively.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer an abstract vision of billions of connected things that will emerge sometime in the future. It’s now a reality. In the last 12 months, surging market has been seen with a growing number of stakeholders deploying IoT solutions – and traffic growth will only accelerate.
IoT offers the promise of new revenue for operators,  since the new data connected to devices must flow across communications networks, particularly mobile. Managing IoT traffic is an exciting new opportunity for operators, but it also raise considerable challenges.
How do you deliver and maintain the network uptime and service quality that IoT applications require? Can your network handle the volume of devices that each customer can implement? Can you meet highly variable or even volatile quality of service demands?

"IoT traffic"

Monitor IoT traffic successfully

Polystar provides the tools you need to monitor IoT traffic successfully and to ensure you can meet the IoT challenge. Polystar’s solutions capture all IoT traffic and provide clear, visual, customizable reporting through graphs and reports that give an instant picture of IoT service usage and quality performance for each customer. These can be adapted by users, allowing them to keep up with changes in the rapidly evolving IoT market.

Polystar’s solutions enable you to:

  1. Perform full mobile network equipment monitorizarion: Obtain full visibility of traffic from IoT and network nodes, allowing you to anticipate and identify potential issues.
  2. Understand IoT usage: Monitor the usage of IoT devices for network planning purposes, across all generations of mobile technology.
  3. Access detailed reporting: Access rich information, filtered by network technology, service type, account and location.
  4. Include IoT monitoring in your NOC: View IoT traffic through a dedicated portal, gaining access to rich information, filtered by network, service, account and location.

Polystar provides a comprehensive overview of all IoT traffic regardless of the source or mobile technology (2G, 3G, 4G). We also give you the ability to drill-down to a wide range of key indicators, even to specific call traces for signalling-level troubleshooting, enabling you to efficiently support your services and partners.

Ayscom as a Polystar partner offers a wide range of IoT services optimized for mobile operators. We offer the support and solutions necessary for each case and always ensure quality in the final service.

Source: Polystar solution. Internet of things