Measures to strengthen network security

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Evaluate, on an ongoing basis, the effectiveness of your network security with Ixia BreakingPoint Cloud ™

¿Cloudy view of network security?

The momentum behind cloud migrations has become unstoppable as enterprises look to take advantage of the agility, scalability, and cost benefits of the cloud. With business data exchanged between applications running on-premises and the public cloud, knowing if your end-to-end security of the branch office and cloud environment is working as expected has become more complex and cloudy to say the least. Behind breaches, there are complex, multi-million-dollar security solutions. Yet security teams remain unable to quantify how their security works.

Proactive, continuous security validation

Ixia BreakingPoint Cloud™ provides continuous insights into the security posture of cloud-attached environments, by safely modeling security breaches and threat vectors to assess the effectiveness of your hybrid IT security.

BreakingPoint Cloud builds on 20+ years of leadership in network security testing, revealing security exposure across public, private, and hybrid networks. The ongoing research of our Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) team ensures regular updates so you have access to the latest breach scenarios and threat simulations.

BreakingPoint Cloud enables security operations teams to gain actionable security insights to proactively reduce risk. You’ll also have the pinpoint data needed to know where to shore-up security infrastructure and justify current and future IT spending.

Key Features:
  • A cloud-native software-as-a-service (SaaS) cybersecurity platform for breach and attack simulation
  • Distributed, elastically scaling simulation agents for deployment in all cloud environments – public, private, and hybrid networks
  • Comprehensive simulation of the attack lifecycle, including the latest DDoS*, malware, vulnerabilities, and exploits
  • Pay-per-use model enables the flexibility to grow assessments with your business and network growth

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