How to manage digital performance?

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Learn how to manage the digital performance of your applications with Dynatrace. For 15 days you have the possibility to discover, with the free trial, complete information about the user experience and the commercial impact of your products and services. Easily base your entire IT ecosystem in minutes, easily monitor and manage application performance and cloud infrastructure. Solve application problems before your customers are affected.

What are the advantages of full monitoring with Dynatrace?
  • Unified monitoring for business, operations and development
  • Developed with artificial intelligence and easier to use than any other solution
  • Industry-leading monitoring capabilities
  • Single pane of glass for the widest range of technologies
What does Dynatrace offer you?
  • Optimize the customer experience
  • Deliver high performance applications
  • Scale DevOps to accelerate innovation
  • Monitor native applications

Plus, now with the new features you get live user session data available for real-time analysis.

To date, Dynatrace could only display data related to completed user sessions. This resulted in the user session data being typically out of date for about 30 minutes (the waiting time for user sessions after 30 minutes of inactivity).

This has a big impact on your business. By bringing the live user session data to Dynatrace, we were able to link problematic pages directly to the findings of the related business impact analysis and the findings of affected users. This gives you the ability to detect and troubleshoot application problems before customers are involved, giving them a superior user experience.

Contact us and we will give you all the information you need. If you want to do your free trial for 15 days, try it here 


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