How to make engaging training videos for employees

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Ideas for making attractive training videos for your company’s employees with tools from Ayscom’s partner Panopto.


Employee training today can take many forms, from formal in-class training sessions to virtual classrooms, as well as variety of informal peer-to-peer knowledge sharing strategies.

Video is a prime example of a common training tool that has recently become significantly easier. Even just 10 years ago, video required expensive cameras, studios, dedicated AV teams, and specialist post-production. Today, new video tools make it easy for teams and organizations to record formal and informal training videos without the need for expensive AV specialists or complicated recording equipment.

Whether you’re looking to record more instructor-led training to scale formal learning and reduce costs, or you’re trying to leverage the power of social learning with video, the right video software can get your organization on its way to recording more engaging training videos for both formal and informal learning.

Panopto’s video recording software makes it easy to share formal classroom trainings virtually across your company and to spread informal peer-to-peer learning virally. With Panopto, anyone in your company can record engaging training videos that show the presenter, the presenter’s slides, the presenter’s screen, and even multiple camera angles of a demonstration or a physical product, at the same time — no expensive AV equipment or IT support required.

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5 Steps for recording engaging training videos with Panopto

1. Prepare your slides, demo, and talking points for the training video: Recording formal and informal training videos requires much the same preparation as you’d put into making an in-person presentation. As a presenter, you’ll want to outline your talking points and prepare supporting media, such as PowerPoint slides that communicate big ideas and a screenshare that shows the employee exactly what to do.

2. Select audio and video sources for your recording in Panopto: Panopto allows you to record training videos with a minimum of audio and video equipment, which means that with just a laptop computer, which has a built-in microphone and webcam, you can capture the presentation, as well as slideshows or an on-screen demonstration. You can also connect a USB webcam, microphone and multiple monitors to capture more.

3. Open your slides and any software you’re demonstrating: Panopto can easily detect your PowerPoint slides, share them, as well as make video recordings of the ones you are showing on the screen or even on multiple screens.

4. Start recording your training video: Once you have selected the media for your training video, you are ready to press «Record» and start presenting. You can stop recording as needed and press stop when you are finished presenting.

5. Edit your training video: Panopto synchronizes all the media you’ve recorded in the cloud and makes a quick job of the basic editing tasks. Cut out unwanted sections of your training video, add a new video to update a previous training, and even change the video inputs if you recorded the video with multiple cameras. You can also insert questionnaires into your training videos in the editor.

Creating employee training videos is only half the solution to enable learning and support knowledge sharing at scale across your entire enterprise, regardless of size.

Use Panopto to record your next training video and let your employees experience training online in an engaging way. Contact us and we will help you manage your recordings quickly and efficiently.


Source: How To Make Engaging Training Videos For Employees. Panopto