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End-to-End Service Assurance at the Speed of Software

Now it’s time to start transitioning your traditional test and monitoring deployments to a software-based, end-to-end service assurance solution to take advantage of the cost savings and increased agility promised with software-defined network infrastructures.

Only by integrating service fulfillment and service assurance is it possible to achieve a genuinely orchestrated and assured service delivery process. The key enabler to making this possible is to leverage active, software-based Virtual Test Agents deployed at remote locations and capable of assuring your customers’ end user experience.

"virtual agents network"Netrounds active Virtual Test Agents are launched as VNF appliances and can be used to integrate service activation tests, quality monitoring and troubleshooting as part of the NFV service orchestration.

Virtual Test Agents may be deployed in an automated fashion by NFV or OSS service orchestrators such as Amdocs NCSO, Ciena Blue Planet, Cisco NSO, HPE NFV Director, Nokia CloudBand, or VMware vCloud Director (or other chosen orchestration partners), or via Openstack Heat Orchestration Templates (HOT).

  • Achieve assured, orchestrated and agile deliveries of network services – in line with the MEF’s Third Network vision
  • Integrate fulfillment and assurance
  • Base decisions on actual end users’ experience instead of passive network statistics
  • Automate deployment of remote active VTA capabilities to eliminate expensive field efforts
  • Gain insight into both virtualized and non-virtualized environments
What is Orchestrated Assurance?

"Orchestrated Assurance-Netrounds"

To address the challenges that service providers are facing with service assurance in existing and emerging networks, the concept of Orchestrated Assurance was developed in ETSI NFV PoC #36. The model-driven Orchestrated Assurance methodology is designed to bridge the gap between service fulfillment and assurance, where end-to-end activation tests and monitoring scenarios are defined at the service design stage and automated throughout the full service lifecycle in closed-feedback loops. Orchestrated Assurance is also customer-centric; it allows service providers to assess services the customer is actually using as opposed to collecting passive network device counters for metrics only loosely correlated to real customer experience.

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Source: NFV Service Activation Test & Assurance, Netrounds