Opportunity in X3000T series oscilloscopes

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EXTENDED OPPORTUNITY! We are pleased to inform you of an excellent opportunity regarding the InfiniiVision X3000T Series family of oscilloscopes from our stock of Premium Used equipment. The proposal is based on the InfiniiVision MSOX3104T model with the following characteristics: 1 GHz bandwidth on all 4 analogue channels 4 analogue channels + 16 digital channels […]

ZIMA, a more complete multidomain diagnosis

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In both everyday life and business, mobile communications have become fundamental.  Increasingly, therefore, incidents need to be treated with more care and operators are trying to react quickly to minimise their impact and increase customer satisfaction. Today there are a lot of solutions on the market that are used to understand how network malfunctioning affects […]

Ayscom, the new partner company of AMETIC

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Since September 1st, AYSCOM has been part of AMETIC as a partner company. What is AMETIC? AMETIC is the Association of Electronics, Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Digital Contents Companies, and leads, nationally, the business interests of a hyper-sector as diverse as dynamic, the most innovative – it concentrates 30% of private investment in R&D – […]

Smart devices with Bluetooth communication


The economical alternative for testing smart devices with Bluetooth communication (Internet of Things) Manufacturers of smart devices with Bluetooth communication often encounter problems in their design and manufacture: the small size and position of the antennas, the interference caused to the RF signal of the device, the coupling to the printed circuit… Therefore, it is […]

Ayscom: Involvement, commitment and passion

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Economy and Business: Interview with the Founding Partners of Ayscom – Federico Hornillos and Pedro Martín  Illusion, motivation and professional courage to achieve success It was 2003 when Ayscom began to take shape in a garage. Although it may sound like a cliché, it is the reality of our company founded by Federico Hornillos and […]

¿Cómo importa el vídeo sobre el negocio?

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Ha trabajado duro para encontrar sus clientes. Ha gastado mucho dinero para formar a sus empleados. Y lo que ahora necesita es asegurarse de que tiene todas las herramientas adecuadas para obtener los mejores resultados. Gracias a los grandes avances tecnológicos de hoy en día, el intercambio de conocimientos peer-to-peer es más fácil que nunca. Como dice […]