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Increasingly new technologies reach each and every one of the areas in which we develop. The generation of new products, both in networks (wired and wireless), measurement and technological systems; Covers a wide spectrum that requires constant updating by developers and users.

In this sense, the training means offered by the development and distribution companies to their customers (potential users) play an important role in the correct implementation and implementation of the product or technological products obtained.

Ayscom, as a distribution company and supplier of electronic instrumentation solutions, network optimization, among other measurement and control services; Offers different training offers to adapt the products offered to the needs of the users.

In this area, seminars and workshops stand out, with the aim of providing usability coordinates, optimizing the circulation of products and services, as well as examining their execution and suggesting possible improvements.

The interest of Ayscom is that the courses are easily accessible to their clients and that suits their interests. That is why it offers several tools and platforms to facilitate its use and implementation to ensure that they are using the product correctly and getting the maximum performance.

In the field of training, it is important to be a leader in transmitting skills and know-how, so Ayscom is concerned about its users and clients using feedback as a means to resolve possible incidents.

During the past year and the present the company, along with its partners, has developed different Seminars, Fairs and Workshop among which stand out:

  1. Electronic Repair Seminar «Challenge and Opportunities»
  2. Simo Education 2017
  3. Seminar in Introduction to Design and Troubleshooting EMI / EMC with Near Field Scanners, carried out in five cities in Spain and Portugal
  4. Seminar on electromagnetic field measurements for occupational safety based on R.D.299 / 2016; among others.

Together with its partners, it has carried out customized IXIA trainings for several clients; Workshop with Ekahau on Wi-Fi design and optimization; As well as participation during several years in Congresses of the Association of suppliers of network systems, internet and telecommunications ASLAN.

Ayscom is committed to go beyond process optimization. That is why we improve the user experience through measurement, data analysis and consulting, among others. It is your mission and vision like company.


ayscom ferias

Expo E-Learning 2017

Ayscom seminarios

Ayscom with its partners in seminars

expo-elearning 2017

Expo E-Learning 2017

Madrid, EMI-EMC seminars  2016 

seminario de seguridad laboral-ayscom

Seminar on occupational safety at Ayscom

Seminarios Ayscom

Ayscom´s seminars

workshop ekahau en ayscom

Ekahau Workshop at Ayscom